Conversations in Genre: An Evening with Diane English and Phil Rosenthal – March 30, 2021
Diane English and Phil Rosenthal share their experiences, discuss their careers, and the process behind some of their most memorable works.
Changing the Narrative: Foster Care in TV and Film – March 25, 2021
This panel aims to create an increase of understanding and empathy by promoting more accurate portrayals of foster care and foster youth in TV and film.
Invisible No More: The Need for Intersex Stories – March 18, 2021
A discussion about what it means to be intersex from the leader of the largest intersex organization in the country and a diverse panel of intersex artists and storytellers.
The State of the Fourth Estate – March 3, 2021
This panel brings together a diverse group of those who work in journalism and those who adapt news for film/TV to discuss the role of the Fourth Estate in media and entertainment.
WGA Pension & Health Fund Information Session – February 23, 2021
This informational session with Pension & Health Fund staff includes a discussion about eligibility, earnings caps, how to use points when you are between jobs, and more.
PR 101: Using Social Media To Build Your Brand + Navigating Industry Publicity – February 18, 2021
This panel explores how writers can use social media to build their brands, raise their profiles, and bolster career opportunities.
Conversations in Genre: An Evening with Damon Lindelof and Ronald D. Moore – December 8, 2020
Two of TV’s most popular and prolific writers—Damon Lindelof and Ronald D. Moore—share their experience as genre storytellers.
Spies Like Us – November 17, 2020
This panel explores how intelligence and spycraft stories reflect the era during Post War, Cold War, 9/11, and beyond. What do our shows and films say about the times we live in?
Should I Incorporate? & Other Burning Finance Questions – October 27, 2020
This panel demystifies the incorporation process by presenting case studies of the three tiers of income levels of TV and feature writers—low, mid, and high.
Selling Your Sci-Fi Spec in an IP-Driven – October 8, 2020
This panel focuses on how writers can negotiate the challenges of the marketplace and find effective strategies for taking out their original features as the industry seems obsessed with IP.
Understanding Your Feature Contract – August 27, 2020
A virtual panel to help feature writers be their own best advocate in their next contract negotiation.
Understanding Your TV/Streaming Contract – August 12, 2020
Reading and understanding an employment contract can be daunting to many writers but to be your own best advocate it's important to pay attention to the details of your contract negotiation.
Virtual Q&A with Children of Tendu Jose Molina & Javier Grillo-Marxuach – July 8, 2020
A semi-regular lunchtime discussion about writing in the time of COVID with the hosts of the Children of Tendu podcast.
The WGA Platform: An Online Workshop – May 5, 2020
WGAW Online Services, Member Organizing, and board members Angelina Burnett and Luvh Rakhe present an online tutorial to help you get the most out of this powerful tool for writers.
Getting the Most Out of the Agent-Writer Relationship – October 16, 2019
This panel about what makes a good agent-writer relationship is moderated by WGAW Board Member David Slack with feature and television agents signed to the WGA franchise agreement.
Navigating Your Way to Financial Wellness – September 9, 2019
Miata Edoga (National Financial Wellness Consultant, The Actors Fund) and CPA Page Villaluna present this workshop about how writers can skillfully navigate your way toward financial wellness.
Indie Film Night at the Guild: Getting Creative about Getting Your Film Made – May 30, 2019
Indie filmmakers and industry insiders talk about how to get your screenplay financed, produced and sold in today’s feature film marketplace.