Getting the Most Out of the Agent-Writer Relationship – October 16, 2019
This panel about what makes a good agent-writer relationship is moderated by WGAW Board Member David Slack with feature and television agents signed to the WGA franchise agreement.
Getting the Most Out of the WGA Staffing and Development Platform: A Workshop – October 12, 2019
Whether you write for features, streaming, or TV, this workshop demonstrates the most effective ways to find job opportunities using the WGA Staffing and Development Platform.
Navigating Your Way to Financial Wellness – September 9, 2019
Miata Edoga (National Financial Wellness Consultant, The Actors Fund) and CPA Page Villaluna present this workshop about how writers can skillfully navigate your way toward financial wellness.
Understanding Your Feature Contract – June 11, 2019
A panel discussion about screenwriting contracts with WGAW Board Member John August, his Scriptnotes co-host Craig Mazin, WGAW Contracts Department Director Laurie Espinosa, and entertainment attorney Ken Richman.
Understanding Your TV/Streaming Contract – June 6, 2019
A discussion with WGAW Board Member Travis Donnelly, agent Brant Rose, Owner/Agent of Brant Rose Agency, attorney Karen Robson, writer-producer Grant Scharbo, and WGAW Contracts Department Director Laurie Espinosa.
Indie Film Night at the Guild: Getting Creative about Getting Your Film Made – May 30, 2019
Indie filmmakers and industry insiders talk about how to get your screenplay financed, produced and sold in today’s feature film marketplace.